Our Vision and Mission


NJIT's Department of Information Systems will be an international leader at the intersection of human, technological and organizational systems. Through educational innovations, research, and strategic collaborations, we shall achieve wide recognition by current and prospective students, the NJIT, New Jersey, and regional communities, organizations, colleagues worldwide and major funding agencies for advancing the state-of-the-art of our discipline. 

We shall do this by building and sustaining a diverse community of top-quality students, educators, and internationally-acclaimed scholars who will work together towards realizing this vision.


The mission of the Department of Information Systems is to discover, teach and broadly disseminate fundamental knowledge concerning the design, use and evaluation of interconnected human, technological and organizational systems. Two highly synergistic research foci emphasizing people’s interaction with and through systems, and their informational content, respectively will provide the foundation for realizing this mission:

Human-Centered Computing (HCC) research centers on people (individuals, teams, businesses, organizations or societies) in all stages of information and communication technology development and use.  HCC includes studies on collaboration and technology design in areas such as social networking through web and pervasive (wireless) applications, game design, cognitive-based decision support, emergency management, and educational innovation.

Information Integration and Informatics (III) research centers on the science of information and information processing. It focuses on the development and utilization of digital content, ranging from text in documents and web discussions to multimedia.  III includes biomedical text mining, search engines and recommender systems, security and pattern matching analysis, knowledge engineering, and digital library integration.

To fulfill this mission, the department will                                                                

  • serve a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate students in New Jersey and beyond with an innovative, comprehensive and exciting curriculum, which leverages our research and which prepares them to enter the workforce at the edge of knowledge curve;
  • conduct and disseminate world-class research to advance the state-of-the-art in HCC and III;
  • provide service to the NJIT community, as well as local, national and international businesses, governments and other key organizations.