IS, IS Professionals and the Web

What are Information Systems?

[video / presentation] Information systems (IS) are computing systems that support business operations, management, and decision making in organizations. IS are an integral part of virtually every work environment and play a critical role in running organizations.  They are the heart of the internet-based economy. IS enable people to access the information they need, to collaborate, make informed decisions, and perform their jobs and personal activities effectively.  

What is the Role of IS Professionals?

The IS field bridges computing and business.  IS focuses on the intersection among people, organization and technology.   IS professionals serve as the critical link between the technical and business areas of an organization.  They collaborate to solve problems, and then design, analyze, implement, deploy and evaluate the computing systems that drive the modern enterprise.  IS professionals are thus among the most essential individuals in an organization, building and managing the systems upon which the enterprise survives and thrives.  Enterprises depend upon IS Professionals, valuing their ability to design computing solutions. 

What about the Web?

IS and the Web are now deeply intertwined. Most information systems are now Web systems, and IS professionals regularly work with and design them.

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