Graduate Certrificate Program Acceptance

Dear New IS Graduate and Certificate Students:

Congratulations on being admitted into one of our graduate or certificate programs in Information Systems Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology!  We are very excited about meeting you!

To help you be better prepared for your graduate study at NJIT, IS faculty have designed a placement exam which is administered 4 times a year in January, March, August and October, to evaluate your readiness for graduate study.  The placement exam tells us whether you possess undergraduate level of skills in three subject areas: programming, databases, and statistics, and whether the requirement of bridge courses can be waived.  Our programs and courses are built based on the assumption that, you have current skills of these three subjects at the undergraduate level, when you commence your study at NJIT.

Students admitted into the MSIS, MSBIS, and IS PhD programs must take all 3 sections of the exam.  Students in the certificate programs can selectively take the sections correspond to the pre-requisite courses of the IS 600 level courses they will be taking.  The three IS 500 level pre-requisite courses:

  •     IS513 will be waived for students who pass the Programming section. 
  •     IS531 will be waived for students who pass the Databases section.
  •     IS565 will be waived for students who pass the Statistics section.

To help you prepare for the placement exam, we would like to provide you sample syllabi for these three subjects.  If you have taken and passed similar courses recently, you should have no problem passing the placement exam.

  •     Programming Exam (20 minutes): sample syllabus.  If you fail the exam, you must take CS100 AND/OR CS113.
  •     Statistics Exam (40 minutes): sample syllabus and review slides (with audio): Part 1, Part 2. If you fail the exam, you must take MATH105 OR MATH333.
  •     Databases Exam (30 minutes): sample syllabus and tutorials. If you fail the exam, you must take IS331.

If it’s been a while since you took these courses, you are encouraged to take advantage of online resources.  For example, Kahn Academy has online materials for Statistics.

We hope this information is helpful.  Once again, we look forward to meeting you!


Updated September 20, 2016:

The next placement exam will be held on October 26, Wednesday:

1. All fulltime students: 2:30pm in GITC 2302.  Please do not arrive later than 3pm.

2. Part-time Students: 5:30-8:30pm in CAB 1050 (Library Training Room).  Please do not arrive later than 7pm.  (Please note: no fulltime student is allowed, due to the limited room capacity.)

Please bring a Photo ID with you.


Department of Information Systems