MS in Business and Information Systems

Online Options

MS BIS: Available Online both Part-time and Full-time

For more information:

  • See the main MS BIS web page for full information on the degree and additional options.
  • See our Online Options  page for additional graduate online offerings.

Studying Online at NJIT

(Video about OnLine@NJIT by Dr. Katia Passerini, joint appointment professor with the IS Department)

  • Degree requirements remain the same regardless of course format or student status.
  • Courses at NJIT are offered in various formats: online, on-campus (traditional classroom) and hybrid (part online and part on-campus).  All formats for a courses have similar content, rigor and quality.   Course activities may be adjusted to best fit the format's opportunities.
  • Any student may take courses in any format.  (International students in the United States may be limited to a certain number of online courses in any semester.)
  • Specific courses may not be offered online, or be offered online with varying frequency.  Thus completing a degree online may have limitations.  We recommend you consult with the MS Advisor to plan an optimal schedule.


  • Most online courses are offered anywhere + anytime.  A few are anywhere + same time (or “synchronous”).  These synchronous courses use an internet connection for video and audio communication among the instructor and all class members.
  • MS Projects/Theses: A MS project can substitute for one elective.   A MS Thesis can substitute for two electives.   You may do these online with your project or thesis advisor’s consent.
  • Co-op: A co-op can be done entirely online, with the MS Advisor's permission.

Completing the Degree Requirements Online

See the main MS BIS web page for the degree requirements.  The information below explains the extent that these requirements can be fulfilled online.

Bridge Program:

  • If you do not have the full background required for the masters degree, you may be assigned some preparatory bridge courses at the time we accept your application.  The bridge courses are not available online.  You can take these at NJIT’s campus.  You may also take the equivalent courses at any community or 4-year college.  Please confirm course equivalency in advance by checking with the MS Advisor or at

Business Core Courses:

  • All business core courses are offered online every semester, including the summer semester.

Information Systems Core Courses:

  • IS 631 and IS 663 are offered online at least once a year
  • IS 684 (synchronous Fall 2009, online Fall 2010)
  • IS 685 (anticipated online in Fall 2010, full-time students beforehand can substitute another course in consultation with the  MS Advisor)
  • IS 678 (synchronous Spring 2010, online Spring 2011)


  • The following elective courses are available online: CS 602, EM 602, IS 613, IS 614, IS 616, IS 676, Mgmt 620, Mrkt 620
  • You can also take any other elective approved for the MS IS program, as long as you get permission from the MS Advisor.