Ph.D. in Information Systems

The PhD program in Information Systems is a STEM (*) degree designed to produce scholars who possess a commanding knowledge of the nature of Information Systems, applications of and research on Human - Centered Computing and Information Science, and the supporting technology.

The program seeks to develop individuals who can expand both the practice and theory of information systems for complex applications and/or organizational environments. It deals with integrated information, computer and communication systems that support and augment individuals and groups in any field of application: management, business, engineering and manufacturing, health and medicine, education, social sciences, arts and humanities, etc.

Many of our Ph.D. graduates in Information Systems currently research and  teach at universities, while others are working for cutting edge leaders in the software industry, such as Microsoft and Avaya.

(*) STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Degree Requirements

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NJIT Opportunities

  • NJIT Undergrads: Explore an IS Ph.D. while an undergraduate through our BS/Ph.D. program!


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