Online Options


  • Our undergraduate degrees are not available online, though some classes have online sections available.


Studying Online at NJIT

  • Degree requirements remain the same regardless of course format or student status.
  • Courses at NJIT are offered in various formats: online, on-campus (traditional classroom) and hybrid (part online and part on-campus).  All formats for a courses have similar content, rigor and quality.   Course activities may be adjusted to best fit the format's opportunities.
  • Any student may take courses in any format.  (International students in the United States may be limited to a certain number of online courses in any semester.)
  • Specific courses may not be offered online, or be offered online with varying frequency.  Thus completing a degree online may have limitations.  We recommend you consult with the MS Advisor to plan an optimal schedule.


  • Most online courses are offered anywhere + anytime.  A few are anywhere + same time (or “synchronous”).  These synchronous courses use an internet connection for video and audio communication among the instructor and all class members.
  • Co-op: A co-op can be done entirely online, with the BS or MS Advisor's permission.

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