Web and Information Systems: Driving the Digital Future

Web & IS

Web: Perhaps the most transformative tool of our time for collaboration, business, accessing information & interacting with information systems.

Information Systems: the computing applications behind and beyond the web interface that support people's tasks (the organizational, social or business "processes") 

Web and IS professionals analyze, design, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of Web and IS applications

Driving the Digital Future: Our faculty mentor you within leading edge courses.  They also conduct state-of-the-art research driving new concepts for the web, industry and society.  Faculty love to involve students in research and will provide opportunities to fit your interests and guide you to exploring entirely new ideas.

Beyond the Web: Many aspects of IS "stretch" through and beyond the Web: enterprise business applications, database mining, decision analysis, crisis response and business continuity, and more.  These apply to but also extend beyond Web systems to other large-scale systems within organizations.  Courses and research explore these extended topics as well.

Aspects To Explore

Why Web & IS at NJIT?

Depth: All of our courses address information systems and most apply IS concepts to web-based systems and interfaces.  Not only do you design, implement and strategize about web systems, but you gain a much deeper understanding of the overall field, making your knowledge-base more valuable for employers.  Undergraduate degrees culminate in an industry capstone project and all degrees have a co-op option.  Plus we have very flexible degrees with many specialization choices.

Driving the Digital Future: NJIT faculty are experts in their fields, driving the future with leading edge research in Web and IS.  Students are encouraged to participate in faculty research.  Talk to any faculty member about becoming involved in a leading edge project!

Strong Foundation: NJIT has a long history of designing and developing useful information systems.   Even before the web in the 1970s, pioneers Dr. Roxanne Hiltz and Murray Turoff created the first Virtual ClassroomTM and group support systems (EIES).  Dozens of companies conducted team brainstorming and decision making online, and EIES became the original precursor to web learning systems like Moodle and WebCT.  Innovation continues to drive course design,  faculty research and student project opportunities.

Information Systems: Driving the Digital Future