What Industry Thinks

"In today's competitive global business environment, it is important that a company differentiate itself from the competition. To do this, companies are required to understand what they know, what their customers needs are, what the competition is doing and have the ability to clearly analyze where they can add value.

Information Systems play a major role in enabling a business to know its current situation and to visualize the future. In order for a company to take maximum advantage of their information systems capabilities to differentiate itself from its competitors they must have an IT workforce that understands the business methods and processes to do so.

The BS and MS in Business and Web and Information Systems that NJIT is offering is a great opportunity for companies to recruit information system technologists that understand a business information systems as well as the business environment that it operates in." 

John M. Lacontora, Ph.D.
The Boeing Company


"Technology has left the back rooms of today's corporations and is now a central consideration in virtually all daily operations and strategic initiatives. This shift has highlighted the need for employees that not only understand the underlying technologies, but also have the business knowledge and acumen to bridge the historic gaps between management and technology. Whether planning your career and deciding on a bachelors program or looking to enhance your existing experience and knowledge through a master's degree, the Business and Information Technology programs at NJIT will help you build a career that meets a need that grows more critical with global economy and strategic partnering."

James Markulic
Senior IS Consultant


"Lack of Business and IT alignment is a top concern of both CIOs and CEOs and has been a very difficult challenge to overcome. To succeed in today’s corporate environment, employees will need a breadth of knowledge and capabilities and not simply a unique specialization. Technology has progressed to become an integral part of all business processes and its effective utilization requires an understanding of both business and technical aspects. The new Business and Information Systems degrees offered by NJIT are uniquely suited to provide students with both the technical capabilities and the business knowledge that are essential to allow them to provide true value as soon as they are hired. Graduates will be in great demand and will be called upon to provide the technical and business leadership required to solve these complex challenges."

Jerry Casarella
Chief Information Architect, PSE&G