Essential Database Prerequisite Knowledge

All students enrolled in IS 631 will be assumed to have a certain level of database background upon entering the course.  This essential knowledge is covered as part of many undergraduate database courses, but often *not* as part of certifications. Knowing how to write a database query, for example, is not enough.

NJIT's Information Systems Department has created a review video and a 5-part PowerPoint tutorial to help you review essential database knowledge. 


Review video for Database section of graduate placement exam: Click Here



Tutorial Part 1: Database Concepts

Tutorial Part 2: Data Modeling

Tutorial Part 3: Relational Model

Tutorial Part 4: SQL Overview

Tutorial Supplement: Relational Database Concepts Using Microsoft Access

Note that NJIT classes do not use MS Access.  This is just for your self learning.  The same database elements could be implemented on any relational database, including the free products MySQL and Base (part of OpenOffice).