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The Digital Library Service Integration (DLSI) infrastructure will provide a systematic approach for integrating digital library collections and services. Digital libraries will be able to share relevant services within a seamless, integrated interface. The project will integrate relatively simple services that may be used without modification. It also will explore giving access to services that require customization to a particular collection or community, such as peer review. Other contributions include incorporating collaborative filtering for customizing large sets of links, and advanced lexical analysis tools. Services and collections generally will require minimal or no changes to plug into the DLSI infrastructure.

Users will see a totally integrated environment. They will use their digital library system just as before. But in addition, they will see additional link anchors, and when they click on one, they will be presented with a list of relevant links. DLSI also will filter and rank order this set of generated links to a specific user's preferences and current task.

Collections and services will gain several benefits from integrating with DLSI:
  • Users will have direct access to related collections and services, which in effect, enlarges the feature set of a given collection or service;
  • Collections and services will gain much wider use, because DLSI linking will lead other users to them;
  • Users will become aware of a service or collection from seeing its links included in DLSI's list of links when using other collections and services;
  • DLSI will give the user direct, context-sensitive access to the features that a particular service or collection provides.

DLSI can form the core of vibrant virtual educational communities by supporting a broad range of community support services, beyond what most digital library researchers currently are developing. The DLSI infrastructure will provide the first step towards this vision.
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