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The Network Nation and Beyond

A Festschrift in Honor of Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Murray Turoff


The Festschrift will take place at NJIT's beautiful University Heights campus.  Follow this link for further details, directions, parking, etc.

Friday October 12, 2007

12:00 - Lunch on your own (several dining options on the NJIT campus)

1:00 - Opening Keynote Address: Ben Shneiderman  [Bio/Abstract] [ppt] [vid]

2:00 - Keynote Panel: Roxanne Hiltz’ Influence on Future Research  [Bio/Abstracts]

3:30 - Coffee Break

4:00 - Session: Empirical Studies in Virtual Teams [Abstracts]

  • Impacts of Electronic Self-portrayal on Newly Formed Virtual Teams [ppt] [vid]
    - Shoshana Altschuller and Raquel Benbunan-Fich (Baruch College)
  • Leadership Roles and Issues in Partially Distributed Teams [ppt] [vid]
    - Linda Plotnick (New Jersey Institute of Technology),  Rosalie J. Ocker (Pennsylvania State University), Starr Roxanne Hiltz (New Jersey Institute of Technology), and Mary Beth Rosson (Penn State University)

5:00 - Session: Interaction in Virtual Teams [Abstracts]

  • Creativity in Asynchronous Virtual Teams:  Putting the Pieces Together [ppt] [vid]
    - Rosalie J. Ocker (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Communication Differences in Virtual Design Teams: Findings from a Multi-Method Analysis of High and Low Performing Experimental Teams [ppt] [vid]
    - Jerry Fjermestad (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and  Rosalie J. Ocker (Pennsylvania State University)

Friday Evening (starting at 6:30)

  • Buffet Dinner
  • Tribute to Enrico Hsu and "Wild" Bill Worrell [vid]
  • Celebrating the Diversity of the IS Community [vid1] [vid2] [vid3] [vid4]
    (community participation)
    • Bring an instrument and play for us.  Sing a song.   Recite an original or other appropriate poem.  Organize a skit.  Demonstrate or teach a traditional dance from your culture.  (All as individuals or groups.)
    • Participate in a traditional fashion show that we're organizing to celebrate the rich diversity of our community. 
    • Come up with your own creative idea and engage the community.  
    • Please contact Art Yagci to confirm your participation in any of these ways or with other ideas, or just show up ready to present.

Saturday October 13, 2007

10:00 - Keynote Panel: Murray Turoff’s Influence on Future Research [vid]

11:15 - Cross-Impact Analysis [Abstracts]

  • Scenario Construction via Cross Impact [ppt1] [ppt2] [vid]
    - Víctor A. Bañuls Silvera (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)
  • The Hacking Game: Cross-Impact Analysis Tool [ppt] [vid]
    - Art Hendela (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

12:15 - Lunch and Keynote [Abstract/Bio, ppt1, ppt2]

  • Keynote Address: Ronald E. Rice [vid]

2:00 - Session: Coordination and Decision Making [Abstracts]

  • SMS Text-Message Triage in the Command and Control Center: An Assessment for Role-Based Agents [ppt] [vid]
    - Elizabeth Avery Gomez (City University of New York)
  • The Dynamic Delphi System  [ppt] [vid]
    - Connie White and Murray Turoff (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
  • Why the Hypes were Fads - High Reliability Theory as an Explanation:Dances with the Organization [ppt] [ppt]
    - Gerd Van Den Eede and Bartel Van De Walle (University of Tilburg)

3:30 - Coffee Break

4:00 - Session: Education and Healthcare Applications [Abstracts]

  • The Use of the Tablet PC to Support Collaborative Learning [ppt] [vid]
    - Donald George (Ocean County College)
  • Developing Successful Service-Learning Opportunities for Students of Information Technology [ppt] [vid]
    - Donna Dufner (University of Nebraska at Omaha)
  • Health-Care Information Systems Development: Lessons Learned [ppt] [vid]
    - Gururajan Rao (Quantum Enterprises, Inc.)

5:30 - Session: Network Nation Reflections [Abstracts]

  • Web 0.1 = Web 3.0?  Back to the Future in the Network Nation  [doc] [vid]
    - James Whitescarver, Anathan Suburu, Ken Schreihofer, Thomas Moulton, Samir Chopra, Bhamidipati Rao
  • MySpace, Facebook and YouTube: 21st Century Electronic Democracy in Action [ppt]
    - Catherine Dwyer (Pace University)

Saturday Evening (starting at 6:30)

  • Banquet
  • Please participate in a “roast” relating experiences about working with Roxanne and Murray, and their ideas.  Come prepared - we'll call on the community to join in. [vid1] [vid2] [vid3]

More Information

For further information please see the main festschrift page or email fest07-info@njit.edu