Web Design Competition for High School Students

Organized by
Department of Information Systems
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Location: Campus Center Ballroom

Every year, the Department of Information Systems at NJIT holds a High School Web Design Contest. Any high school may field one or more teams of 3-5 students. The competition will challenge the participants to create or improve web sites according to design specifications.

Two ways to participate:

High schools can send a maximum of 8 teams of 3-4 students. Each team can participate in either category:

(Category 1: in advance) Web Information System Design - Teams prepare an educational web site based on a set of professional design guidelines. Teams submit their designs a couple of weeks before the day of competition. In addition Category I students may demonstrate their sites on campus during the event.

(Category 2: real time competition) Rapid Design - On the day of the Design Competition, teams will be given an existing poorly designed web site and a set of design requirements, and must improve the web site to comply with the requirements. A beginning knowledge of web design skills will be expected.