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Web Design Competition 2014

Web Design Competition 2014

Organized by

Department of Information Systems

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Location: Campus Center Ballroom

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

The New Web Warrior!

"Are you a Web Warrior?"

Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!!

Category 1 Winners

1st Place: Team 316

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2nd Place: Team 317

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3rd Place: Team 322

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School: Verona High School School: Passaic County Technical Institute School: Essex County Vocational School - N. 13th Street Campus
Team members: Team members: Team members:
Madeline Meyer Jean Moscoso Jean-Guy Lauture
Samuel Marcillo-Gomez Allisson Ramirez Shannon Angelucci
Lawrence Studwell Janila Khan Dakwon Lyons
Daniel Watabe Jeff Ortiz

Category 2 Winners

1st Place: Team 507

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2nd Place: Team 441

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3rd Place: Team 406

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School: Passaic County Technical Institute School: Passaic County Technical Institute School: Lenape High School
Team members: Team members: Team members:
Arvin Bagasala Allisson Ramirez Collin Emery
Jarlin Almanzar Janila Khan Rob Hovdosh
Jesus Gonzalez Jean Moscoso Matt Snyder
Nowshad Azimi Jeff Ortiz

The Web is the most transformable invention of our time. This competition features the creation of high-quality, well-designed and original Web sites, while seeking to identify and encourage future talent in this area.

We invite you to participate in the ninth annual Web Design Competition (High School Section). Any high school may field one or more teams of 3-4 students. The competition challenges you to create or improve web sites according to established design specifications. You will compete with the best and brightest of your high school peers, receive guidance from professionals, and could win cash awards.

The Design Competition is sponsored by the Information Systems Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Computing Sciences, and will be held at NJIT’s attractive University Heights Campus in Newark. The nationally accredited Information Systems Department focuses on the design and analysis of web systems and how people interact with them, software development, multimedia integration into gaming, wireless activities, and applications for business decision-making.

Two ways to participate:

High schools can send a maximum of 8 teams of 3-4 students. Each team can participate in either category:

(Category 1: in advance) Web Information System Design - Teams prepare an educational web site based on a set of professional design guidelines. Teams submit their designs a couple of weeks before the day of competition. In addition Category I students may demonstrate their sites on campus during the event.

(Category 2: real time competition) Rapid Design - On the day of the Design Competition, teams will be given an existing poorly designed web site and a set of design requirements, and must improve the web site to comply with the requirements. A beginning knowledge of web design skills will be expected.

Click here for Registration information and instructions. Deadline Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

Web Design Competition Itinerary

Category 1: Web Information System Design (in advance)

Category 2: Rapid Design (real time competition)

Sponsored by:

  • Department of Information Systems
  • College of Computing Sciences
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology