Songhua Xu

Contact Info

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: 5604 gitc
Phone: 973-596-5815
Dept: information systems


  • Yale University, PhD in Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics
  • Yale University, M.Phil. in Computer Science
  • Yale University, MS in Computer Science


Research Interest

Artificial Intelligence: Web Intelligence, Innovative Applications of AI, Intelligent Systems, Personalization Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Recommender Systems, Text and Image Mining Biomedical and Health Informatics Digital Art, Design, and Entertainment, Social Networks, Multimedia Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Visualization and Visual Analytics Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent User Interfaces Computer-aided diagnosis Cancer Informatic

Research Funding

  • "A Cyber-Informatics Approach to Studying Migration and Environmental Cancer Risk", NIH-R01 Award, U.S. National Institute of Health, Project Co-Principle Investigators: S. Xu and G. Tourassi.
  • "Personalized Content Recommendations", US Department of Energy, Principle Investigator.
  • "Advanced Algorithms and User Interfaces for Personalized Data Mining of Biomedical Images and Literature", US Department of Energy, Principle Investigator.
  • "Research on Several Algorithmic Problems of Chinese Handwriting Information Processing and Automatic Generation of Chinese Calligraphic Handwriting", Natural Science Foundation of China, Principle Investigator.

Selected Publications

Songhua Xu, Jianqiang Sheng, Xiaonan Luo: A new algorithm for context-based biomedical diagram similarity estimation. Bioinformatics 29(6): 780-789 (2013)

Chuan Niu, Fan Zhong, Songhua Xu, Chenglei Yang, Xueying Qin: Cylindrical panoramic mosaicing from a pipeline video through MRF based optimization. The Visual Computer 29(4): 253-263 (2013)

Songhua Xu, Hao Jiang, Francis C. M. Lau, Yunhe Pan: Computationally Evaluating and Reproducing the Beauty of Chinese Calligraphy. IEEE Intelligent Systems 27(3): 63-72 (2012)

 Rukun Fan, Songhua Xu, Weidong Geng: Example-Based Automatic Music-Driven Conventional Dance Motion Synthesis. IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. 18(3): 501-515 (2012)

Jianqiang Sheng, Songhua Xu, Weicai Deng, Xiaonan Luo: Novel image features for categorizing biomedical images. BIBM 2012: 1-6

Jack Schryver, Mallikarjun Shankar, Songhua Xu: Moving from descriptive to causal analytics: case study of discovering knowledge from us health indicators warehouse. SHB 2012: 1-8

Anas Mahmoud, Nan Niu, Songhua Xu: A semantic relatedness approach for traceability link recovery. ICPC 2012: 183-192